3 Pumpkins. Why 3 Pumpkins?

3 Pumpkins Mum — The most important role in her life. Mother to 3 Pumpkins (her children).

Founding Mum — Formerly the Host and National Development for The Founding Mums in Australia.

Online Business Mum — A place to inspire and be inspired, teach and be taught, love and be loved. This will be home for the Online Business Mum Club.


Hi! I’m Denna and I’ve played a significant role for a collective of 40+ meetups for mum entrepreneurs in cities around the globe. I was Host and National Development, Australia for Jill Salzman’s The Founding Mums. The motto was Helping Mums Get Down To Business… and we really did it… with our noisemakers in tow. BYO kids was encouraged!

Now I’m developing an online Hub offering a smorgasbord of products and services to continue supporting small business owners.

When I’m not online I love musical theatre, and I like to  give my time as a volunteer raising awareness for Friends with Dignity, and Oasis Children and Community Foundation. I have an active role in the school’s P&C and fundraising committee. I have always desired to help mums on a mission and take the fatigue out of fundraising.

“Special Projects” keep me on track with my mantra: Make a Difference. Collaborate. Grow. The challenge has always been to find a way to do it from home — but that makes it all the more rewarding.

Seven years ago, I coined the phrase “my kids are my business, while I find my business.” Now it’s my time to make BIG things happen and I have returned to much loved roles in the travel industry, with other life mantra being: Travel. Inspire. Grow.

Launching soon is The Travel Show, in which I am proud to be Creative Director, Host and Producer.

Oh there’s also a passion project in the mix as well: My Adoptive Heart. Yes, never a dull moment.


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